gortical streptorsh mer bicken jeepster

what the fuck man. I mean like. what the fuck. I don't even.

I still brood over your malevolence but I am learning to let it go. You must hope for what's best for your enemies so they can stop being such useless buck duggers.

I had a sleep, they told me. I had a good sleep. I never awakened, they told me. I am shake and bakened.



haven't bleeked a murph rockstible

utterly normative gender performative splendor comported as rendered distortion
I shudder with your given centering listen spending fortunate men turning scores in

handwich the dock-spaggle, meep xir condequast wicktual despordeckedent wick stangible


hacknar bickey doock awk mer vor dest clamt morglestly

haven't never saddened clever fur-clad endeavor furnishing ever turgid compulsion sure for eruption


half-muttered malingering

cross-pollinate and collaborate
a lot of good conversations going on
as we start to look at our strategic plans, we will talk a little bit about the budget but not spend as much time on the budget as the actual plan
once your plans and strategies and your plans and your budgets are approved with your liason I don't need to be involved in the approval process
we have a lot on the docket



No one ever uses the metaphor of constipation for writer's block even though most people only talk shit out their mouths like an episode of South Park.

The shadow of mortality lengthens as the sun approaches the horizon.

I need a new elevator speech, but first I need to figure out who I am. No, that sounds like some Life's Little Instruction Book bullshit. I need a new elevator shaft.

Ask your doctor and help make tomorrow possible. Or else you die. Actually, you die either way.

round in the middle, hounded a bit, the sound of acquittal making the best of surroundings
bounded and brittle, pounded the fiddle, gown is a little lengthier than it had sounded
plenty of works are astounding, first of the wicked, burst with a prick and thirstier than a stick
when these commercials get loud the worst kind of dick is nursing afflictions worse than addiction


Outrageous compulsion

Oh dear Lord what have we done here
Compel me forth for fortuitous unclear 
Complete destruction of agile and egos are so fucking fragile 
Agreeable like I'm cattle 
Conceiving another battle 
Quite reasonably unraveled 
Malfeasance to all our standards
Completely fragmented candor 
Where is the shadow self compared to self preservation 
Tearing the madness elsewhere rather than degradation 
Stare into democratic fanfare in order to save a nation 
Territories of magic are compared with emancipation 
There's nothing outrageous about efficacious devout bouts of spirituality 
You're bluffing if you think amazing things spout from your mouth with precision and accuracy 
That cross that you're bearing's the reason you're scaring the children with fear and revulsion 
How often your carelessness caught unawares can reveal mental illness compulsion


What was I saying again?

Ah, that's right. Sinister lies and tornadoes.
It's extremely unlikely that you'll recover the original from these. Or will you? I'd pay a dollar for an algorithm that could reverse engineer what a machine has learned.

Parched lips too dry to prime the pump, but maybe I just need a glass of water.

Rhyme engine falters, time again halted, stymied and tolerated, combining exonerated, stop smiling and don your grey bib as rocks fly in cadence; mock my pervasive obnoxious inflated toxicity based in less oxygenated Stockholm compression and not learn a lesson complex as an awkward question? Yes, then we'll express jocular effluence often in retrospective sessions concealing regret from our brethren.


Alpha, new Merrick! Paulie's ill, Abbick.

Ever so timidly, he peeks outside of his shell. Clever with wizardry, he's out seeking himself. Weather's got so windy, it's been cold for a spell. Whether she goes with me, it'll seem to be swell.


Calm as the wind, warm in your hand, honor the sin, play in the band, wrong for the right reasons once again, strong but you might be their only friend, fond of the slightly devious account, ponder why you might steal the right amount.



Subcutaneous invaders love parading among stranger expectations of courageous winds prevailed intrinsically

It's complicated if you labor ceaselessly to be unique; your demons linger in your dreams and point their fingers whimsically

Implicitly it's understood that Robin Hood was not that good; we should reject it intellectually to please our master's whims

Yet we ignore the lore complicit in our miserable contrition as we maintain inhibitions to protect the caste systems


Futuristic Noises

I dare to participate in the fallacy of ownership in order that these imaginary boundaries might prove useful someday.

As long as you are enclosed by a circle, God will forgive you.

It's time to start taking these stories too seriously. After all, we've been lackadaisical. There isn't an enemy to this anemone.

A whiff of smoke, but the burning feels like smoldering as yet.


Simulation artifacts and stimulation architects

Your perception is significantly less precise than this recreation.
Often, generic information is deemed as knowledge but does not relate to existing configurations in the organization. Wherefore dost thou maintain the masquerade?
Celebrator Rex: Y'all still reckon to step in my session while effluent pestilence extrudes with such prescient prevalence? Executed for defection, the ghostly remnant host condemns explosives sent remotely to provoke these folks to open fire so we can extol freedom.
Welcome to the Titanic. Here is your paddle. Turn this ship around or you're fired.
Temper Mental Toaster is victorious... for later too.